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idrunkthat » Video: Resurrecting Southern Apple Varieties

Video: Resurrecting Southern Apple Varieties

Posted by: on Aug 10, 2013 | No Comments

One facet of the cider world that always amazes me is how a drink with such deep, America roots can also feel so contemporary and “of the moment.” This time of year, as the annual apple harvest looms on the horizon and America’s seasonal interest in cider reawakens, my interests turn to the long-forgotten apples at the heart of cider-production. As a Northerner/Yankee/New Englander, my interests always turn to classics such as Newtown Pippins, Stayman Winesaps and lucrative Harrison apples. And then I remember that in the south, and in the west, there is an entirely different apple lexicon.

The video above is in no way new but it is in every way relevant and a great insite into the concern and preservation for classic, southern apples. Look out for cameos from Diane Flynt from Foggy Ridge Cider as well as a stray bottle from Albemarle Ciderworks in the mix.

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